When a clock movement is overhauled, it goes through our multi-step process to ensure it will run for many more years to come.



Our Meticulous Overhaul Procedure is Outlined Below


1.   Remove the clock movement from the case.

2.   Inspect the movement for any signs of wear.

3.   Formulate a course of action to repair the movement.

4.   Completely disassemble the movement.

5.   Clean parts individually in an Ultrasonic cleaner with specialized clock cleaning                 solution.

6.   Polish and burnish all pivots on the lathe or Swiss pivot polisher.

7.   Perform all repairs including bushings and part fabrication where necessary.

8.   Test the gear trains for endshake and proper alignment.

9.   Assemble the movement.

10. Place on test stand and begin 2 week testing phase.

11. Mount movement in case and begin final test.

12. Clock returned to customer and backed by our 6 month warranty.